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Kilimanjaro provides the aspiring adventurer and mountain enthusiast with the perfect life-inspiring challenge.

Whether you are injecting some adventure into your mundane life or checking off another of the 7 summits below is a list of title to guide you and inspire you to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

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When Ernest Hemingway first published his short story; The Snows of Kilimanjaro, in Esquire Magazine in 1938, he probably introduced much of the world to a mountain which has gone on to become a popular climb amongst the more and less experienced climbers and walkers of the world.

It is classed as one of the 7 summits; the highest mountains on each contintent and so is an integral part of many leading adventurers checklist.

Kilimanjaro differs from many high altitude peaks in as far as it is accessible to many a mer emortal, providing ther eis fitness a bit of grit and an understanding and respect fo rth emountain environment which of course has its own dangers, not least because fo the high altitude itself.


Kilimanjaro photobook
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Superb book featuring amazing photographs of Kilimanjaro by Hiltrud Schultz. A perfect gift!


Tips for the top kilimanjaro
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A detailed description of the trek from beginning to end, including helpful tips and advice to help you.