The Armchair Mountaineer and The Reluctant Mountaineer.

The Armchair Mountaineer and The Reluctant Mountaineer.

I quit the rat-race to redesign my life to be more satisfying and adventurous. 

I am Thomas Smallwood; Entrepreneur, Blogger, Mountain Enthusiast and Bibliophile. In late 2016 I realised I was burnt out, so I quit the rat race to redesign my life in a way that was more satisfying, interesting and adventurous both in my personal and professional life. I didn't know how to accomplish the large and vague objective of "living better", although I knew it meant being more entrepreneurial and spending more time outdoors!

Aged, 20, having failed to get much of an education I started working in a bookstore before setting up my own online business, with my father, selling used books. This fuelled my passion for all things literary but didn't make any money and, a few years in, the business failed. In order to pay the mortgage I started work stacking supermarket shelves at night. During the day I made a career plan to turn things around.

In late 2004 I joined the still relatively young online gambling industry, working in a call centre. 5 years later I co-founded a company (which I subsequently sold) and went on to manage operations in the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, then in 2016... I quit the rat-race.  

Now I have embarked on a more adventurous life, balancing entrepreneurial ventures with my passions for nature and blogging about the benefits of time spent outdoors.

I am a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.

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