The Boardman Tasker Award was set up in 1983 to simultaneously commemorate the lives of climber / writers Pete Boardman and Joe Tasker and to reward authors whose writings make "an outstanding contribution to mountain literature". 

In recent years the award has been announced and presented at the Kendal Mountain Festival, an annual festival that celebrates mountain film, art and literature.

The main award is a prize of 3000 pounds and more recently there has also been the addition of a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Many great names of the climbing / mountaineering world are ranked amongst the winners but the award has not been limited to tales of derring do. Over the years fiction has also won out over tales of real-life adventure and the roll call of names of previous winners is not limited to the the upper echelons of the 'sport' of mountaineering or climbing.

Below is a list of all winners since the first prize was handed out in 1984, with the most recent first. Each one also links through to Amazon, should you wish to find a copy - something I would encourage you to do and not simply because I gain a small commission from this act - but because these titles genuinely represent the highest quality literature relating to mountains. They speak not only of the adventures to be had in the wilderness but also of the meaning of the mountain environment in our lives.