Books about Mont Blanc

I am highlighting a few of the books about Mont Blanc that I know about and have enjoyed, whether early historical accounts, mere incidental, but interesting, mentions or indeed guidebooks for active use.

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The history of Mont Blanc, for long the highest mountain in Europe (Now recognised as Mt Elbrus), is one that is central to the whole concept of mountain climbing and modern day alpinism. It is in effect where it was born, in the late eighteenth century under the guise of scientific discovery and the encouragement of the wise and famous Horace-Bènèdict de Saussure, Swiss Naturalist and Physicist. 

It captured the imagination of Shelley, encapsulated the sublime, helped shape the way we feel about mountains and continues to draw crowds of climbers, skiers and walkers to its snowfields and verdant valleys.

History of Mont Blanc

Engel Mountains
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The classic work on the Matterhorn, originally published in 1908.

Early Accounts

Horace-Bènèdict de Saussure
Voyages dans Les Alpes (Publ. 1779 - 1786)

M-T. Bourrit
A Relation of a Journey to the Glaciers of Savoy (Publ. 1775)

John Auldjo
Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc on the 8th and 9th August, 1827. (Publ. 1828)

Henriette d'Angeville
My Ascent of Mont Blanc (Publ. 1992)

A. Smith
The Story of Mont Blanc (Publ. 1853)


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The bible for beginners and pros; easy to follow clear descriptions of the alpine 4000m peaks

M. & N. Parker
The Grande Traverse & The Mont Blanc Tour

Romelli Alps
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Comprehensive guide to the Classic and Regular routes up the Alpine 4000m peaks.