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Stretching over 5500 miles, the length of South America, The Andes is one of the great ranges of the world - the longest continental monutin range - encompassing the world's highest active volcanoes and a myriad of environments from glaciers to the driest desert on the planet.

The carve their way through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Among the mythical peaks of this range is Aconcagua, which at 6961 metres is the heighest in South America and one of the "Seven Summits". Other ntoable summits include Chimborazo in Ecuador, which given its proximity to the ecuator is actually the summit which stand farthest from the centre of the earth.

  • The Andes offer many trekking and climbing opprtunities for the novice and the expert as well as rare opportunties to see remarkable nature and fascinating indigenous cultures.
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  • ALIVE! In 1972 16 people survived for 2 months after their plane crashed in the Andes by...turning to cannibalism. See bestsellers below.
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Perhaps no mountain range has such a rich history and diversity to explore, especially if you are ready to do so on foot; from the ancient peoples; the Incas, Conquistadors, Machu Picchu, the Atacama desert, Amazonian rainforest, Glaciers and the incomparable wilderness of Patagonia.


Alive Andes
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The amazing tale of an airplane crash in the andes and survivors 10 week ordeal of survival.

Into the mountains
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Pedro Algorta breaks his silence on this incredible tale of human survival in the Andes.

Touching the void
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Bestselling tale of one man's epic struggle for survival after a huge fall in the Peruvian Andes [Made into a Movie].

The Andes
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Jacobs travels the length of the Andes uncovering stories and the rich history of the mountain range.

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Unique portraits of legendary characters along South America’s mountain spine, from Charles Darwin to the present day


Aconcagua Guide
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Humorous account telling you everything you need to know about what it's like climbing Aconcagua, in Argentina; the world's tallest mountain outside the Himalayas.

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Cicerone guidebook to climbing Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America. This includes descriptions up the Normal and Polish Glacier routes an other hikes.

Climbing Ecuador
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Still the only one of its kind, this guide has been carefully updated by authors who have climbed or walked all the mountains and trails featured.

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The only comprehensive guide to climbing the peaks of the Andes.

Historical Accounts

Whymper Andes
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Edward Whymper's classic account of his pioneering limbs in the Ecuadorian Andes.