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The Himalayan mountain range actually contains several parallel mountain ranges which span across an area of over 1,600 miles. The regions covered cut across southern Asia beginning from the bend of the Indus River in the northwest to the Brahmaputra in the east, across Afghanistan, India, China, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Bhutan and Nepal.

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This mountain system, which measures 200 – 250 miles on average in width, quickly begins to rise from the Indo-Gangetic Plain separating the northern parts of India from the Tibetan plateau. It is home to the highest mountains in the World, including Everest. It is a mecca for mountaineers, explorers, hikers and those looking to appreciate the wilderness and a new lifestyle that goes with it.


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Interviews and unprecedented access to archives from the 1953 first successful expedition.

Bear Grylls
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Bear Grylls talks about his life journey including becoming one of the youngest British to summit Everest.

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Britain's best loved adventurer walks the length of the Himalayas [Book of the TV Series].

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Himalaya examines the geographical origins of the region, its earliest peoples & western discovery culminating in Hillary and Tensing's ascent of Everest in 1953.

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Palin travels the full length of the Himalayas, including the Khyber Pass [From the TV Series].

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Himalayan Peaks brought to life by the best photographers like Steve McCurry, Art Wolfe and more.

Alan Hinkes
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Alan hinkes describes his experiences of climbing all of the world's 8000m peaks.


Trekking Himalayas
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32 WALKS, 335 DAYS; A new edition of th eLonely Planet Classic Guide.

Trekking in Nepal
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Respected guide book on trekking the greatest mountain range, in Nepal.

Trekking in the himalaya
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An inspirational larger format book describing 20 memorable treks in the Himalaya.