20 Views of Chamonix in old Postcards

Chamonix Postcards

I was looking through a box of maps and bits of mountaineering ephemera yesterday and I came across this little gem, which I had completely forgotten I own.

Its a book of postcards from Chamonix, the date of which I don’t honestly know… postcards are not really my thing so I plead ignorance in this field. I suppose they are early 20th century (c1920?), anyway whatever the date its nice to see them altogether in the original booklet, even if it does have a small tear to the front cover.

Its a charming collection of 20 views of Chamonix, Mont-Blanc and environs, published in Annemasse by Fauraz. It is obviously aimed at mountain tourists of the age, with a good mix of Alpine views and actual mountaineering shots, a selection of which I have reproduced below.

It reminds me of a collection of photographs I once bought - I believe they were images reproduced specifically for tourists in the late 19th century - I wish I still had them. Maybe I have a few somewhere, but not the whole album together as I think I broke it up to frame them. Shame on me.