Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, is perhaps the most iconic alpine summit and a classic mountain adventure.

Country: France / Italy
Mountain: Mont Blanc
Height: 4810 metres (15,781ft)
Type: Trekking / Mountaineering
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The highest mountain in Western Europe is a realistic challenge for experienced mountain enthusiasts. Guided ascents are specially designed to ensure the best chance of reaching the summit of this classic alpine route often ranging between 5 and 9 days.

Often done as part of a longer trip most ascents of Mont Blanc are preceded by one or two acclimatisation peaks over 4000 metres, in order to prepare you for the main event on non technical climbs. 

For example Gran Paradiso in Italy, the Weissmies the Alphubel or Strahlhorn are suitable to give a grounding in the necessary skills, including ice axe and crampon work.

By the classic route the actual climb involves a night at the Tête Rousse hut and one at the Gouter hut. This offers two potential chances at a summit attempt, should the weather conditions prove difficult. Ideally the top of the mountain is reached early morning to see a magical alpine sunrise from the highest point in the Alps.

The Best Bits.


  • Acclimatisation peaks and two chances of summiting Mont Blanc
  • Alpine training, including use of ice axe, crampons and crevasse rescue.
  • All technical equipment is normally available for hire.

Experience Level.

Although Mont Blanc is not a technically challenging mountain to climb, the nature of the altitude and the the physical demands mean it should only be attempted by those who are physically fit enough to do so and have experience of high alpine environments.

Typically an alpine skills day ensures the prospective mountaineers gains the necessary familiarity of travelling on a glacier as well as ensuring such techniques as crevasse rescue are also covered.

A typical (longer) Itinerary.

  • Day 1 - Introduction to the team, leader.  
  • Day 2 - Alpine skills training session.
  • Day 3 - 5 - Acclimatisation ascents, depending on weather, followed by transfer to Chamonix.
  • Day 6 - From Chamonix take the short lift to Bellevue then take a tram to Nid d’Aigle. Hike up to the Tete Rousse Hut.
  • Day 7 - Summit day. An early “alpine” start should see the team reach the summit of Mont Blanc (4,810m/15,781ft) by 9am.
  • Day 8-9 - Day 8 is a reserve day in case of poor weather conditions. 


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