Highest Mt in Costa Rica

Cerro Chirripó is the highest mountain in the Central American state of Costa Rica. With an elevation of 3820 meters (12532 feet) this summit is the fifth highest in this part of America, from which the first four are in Guatemala.

This mountain has a prominence of 3727 meters and it is a part of the Cordillera de Talamanca, a mountain range that lies between Costa Rica and Panama.

National Park, Cerro Chirripó is very challenging for many hikers and nature lovers, thanks to its uneven terrain throughout the area, which frequently changes especially during rainy seasons (from mid-November to April).

The hiking trail starts in the small village San Gerardo de Rivas. It is 19 kilometres long with 2 kilometres in elevation. It is recommended to climb up and down the mountain in at least two days for the most pleasant hiking experience. The lodging facility, Crestones Base Camp can be found at 14.5 km, leaving you only 5.5 km to climb to the top the next day, after you take a rest.

Although hiking this mountain requires physical preparedness and experience, seeing its unique flora and fauna, as well as the view, is worth the effort. The hiking trail will also lead you through every climate that Costa Rica can offer.

When the days are clear, it is possible to see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from the mountain’s peak, and this is why many lovers of hiking and mountaineering will choose to visit Cerro Chirripó.

At Cerro Chirripó's mountain can be found very rare mix of plant and animal life which are very important part of its ecosystem. The mountain is home to more than 260 species of reptile and amphibian and to approximately 400 bird species.


  • Cerro Chirripó - 3820 metres (12,532 feet)
  • Cerro Ventisqueros - 3812 metres (12,506 feet)
  • Terbi - 3761 metres (12,339 feet)
  • Cerro Kamuk - 3549 metres (11,643 feet)
  • Volcan Baru - 3474 metres (11,397 feet)




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