Elbrus Map

Europe saw the birth of mountaineering in the Alps and for a long time the highest mountain was considered to be Mont Blanc.

It is however now accepted that Russia and Georgia are part of the continent of Europe as the divide from Asia is the Ural and Caucasus mountains. Consequently the title of “highest point” has shifted East.

Mount Elbrus is now considered the tallest mountain in Europe. Elbrus is located in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia and is a giant dormant volcano and is comprised of two separate summits, the tallest of which measures 5642 metres (18,510 ft) above sea level.

In fact locally it is known by another name; Mingi-Tau which means “a thousand mountains”.

Although not the greatest of mountaineering challenges, due to its status as the highest peak in Europe, Elbrus is one of the 7 summits and therefore a prominent attraction to adventurers from across the world.

Mont Blanc, which can qualify as the highest mountain in Italy and the highest mountain in France, now appears somewhat lower down the list - 7th on the list of tallest mountains in Europe.

The five highest peaks in Europe:

•    Mount Elbrus - 5642m (18,510 ft), found in Caucasus Mountains, Russia.
•    Dykh-Tau - 5205m (17,077 ft), found in Kabardino-Balkaria, Caucasus Mountains, Russia. 
•    Shkhara - 5193 m (17,040 ft), found in Greater Caucasus Range, Georgia.
•    Koshtan-Tau - 5151m (16,877 ft), found in Kabardino-Balkaria, Caucasus Mountains, Russia. 
•    Mount Kazbek – 5047m (16,558 ft), found in Kazbegi District, Caucasus Mountains, Georgia.



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