Highest Mountain in Myanmar

The highest point of elevation in Myanmar (Burma) is Hkakabo Razi mountain. The mountain, with an elevation of 5881 metres (19,295 feet) is the highest point of the Southeast Asia.

Located in the state of Kachin in northern Myanmar, Hkakabo Razi lies in the Hkakabo Razi National Park which covers 3812 square kilometres. The area is completely mountainous and covered in rain forest. Before 1993, foreigners were not allowed to enter this space, so the mountain was first ascended in 1996, by the team of two mountaineers, Takashi Ozaki and Nyima Gyaltsen.

The mountain is a part of Eastern Himalaya`s range. Although it is significantly lower than Himalaya, its summit peak is covered in snow and the mountain is very challenging to climb.

This is supported by the fact that the height of the mountain is still not accurately determined by a precise GPS device. It takes about four weeks to approach the base camp which lies above 3000 metres (10000 feet). Climbers must pass through kilometres of jungle, over unstable bridges and many other obstacles that Hkakabo Razi hides.

Because of its high level of elevation, the mountain has a diverse ecosystem. On different altitudes, which have a different climate, various plant species are found. Yet, very rich flora and fauna, whose home is Hkakabo Razi, have still not been explored.

Regarding the climate zones, the highest mountain in the Southeast Asia includes everything from the subtropical temperate to the alpine climate. 



  • Hkakabo Razi - 5,881 metres (19,295 feet)
  • Gamlang Razi - 5,870 metres (19,258 feet)
  • Dindaw Razi - 5,464 metres (17,926 feet)
  • Mount Saramati - 3,826 metres (12,552 feet) A part of the Arakan system, along the Indian border)
  • Bumhpa Bum - 3,411 metres (11,190 feet)


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