Aconcagua Map

Aconcagua, in Argentina, rises up to just shy of 7000 metres of altitude, making it the highest mountain in South America.

Standing a few miles from the border with Chile it is the highest mountain outside the Himalayas and the neighbouring Hindu Kush region. With the vast Andes mountain range stretching to the North and South, Aconcagua's 6961 m (22,838 ft) summit is just one of many very high peaks in South America and one of the revered 7 Summits.

Climbed normally from the north it overlooks the fertile, wine-growing slopes of the Mendoza region. Aconcagua also qualifies as the highest point in the Western Hemisphere as well as the Southern Hemisphere.

Other notable peaks in South America.

Ojos del Salado - 6891 m
In the dry Puna de Atacama Range this giant is shared between Chile and Argentina.

Monte Pissis - 6792 m
Argentina (Punta de Atacama Range)

Huascaran - 6768 m
The highest peak in Peru's Cordillera Blanca

Bonete - 6759 m
Argentina (Punta de Atacama Range)

Tres Cruces - 6758 m
Argentina (Punta de Atacama Range)

Llullaillico - 6739 m
Argentina / Chile (Punta de Atacama Range)




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