Tallest Mountain in Switzerland

Switzerland Encompasses an extraordinary number of high mountains for its size. It would, in the words of Mark Twain, "be a mighty big place if it were ironed flat".

So there is much competition for the title of the highest mountain amongst its lofty snow-capped summits. Monte Rosa is divided between Switzerland and its alpine neighbour, Italy.

A large number of the peaks in this great massif are shared but their highest point, and the third highest mountian in the Alps is entirely in Switzerland. Dufourspitze is 4634 metres above sea level and the summit is solely in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Other Notable high peaks in Switzerland

Of the 82 peaks designated as being Four-thousanders by the UIAA (The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) the majority are in Switzerland, if not wholly then at least in part.

Nordend - 4609 m (Monte Rosa)
Zumsteinspitze - 4563 m (Monte Rosa)
Signalkuppe - 4554 m (Monte Rosa)

The above three peaks are part of the Monte Rosa Massif and "shared" with Italy.

Dom - 4545 m (Mischabel Group)

If you were to only consider peaks that are entirely within the country, then Dom actually qualifies as the highest peak in Switzerland as no part of the mountain is divided with any other alpine nation.

Weisshorn - 4506 m (Wallis Alps)
Matterhorn - 4478 m (Wallis Alps)
Dent Blanche - 4357 m (Wallis Alps)

Switzerland is also home to the Eiger, which although famed well beyond the often closeted world of mountain climbing, is in fact not a four thousand metre peak and not close to being one of the highest in this small nation.



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