Pico Bolivar

Pico Bolivar, the highest mountain in Venezuela, is 4,978 metres (16,332 feet) above sea level. This top is located in Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada and is the most popular spot for climbing.

The top Pico Bolivar belongs to the Venezuelan Andes, being one of the rare peaks still covered with glaciers. Getting to the peak, which is always covered with snow, requires a very technical climb.

First, it is necessary to reach the point of Pico Espejo, which can only be approached using the highest and the longest cable car in the world - Merida cable car. What should not be missed is to enjoy the view during the ride.

Now, with full equipment (rope, security helmet, harnesses and snow equipment during the rainy season) the climb to Pico Bolivar can start. It takes about 6 hours and a lot of physical preparedness to reach the highest summit of Venezuelan Andes.

The best time to climb is the period from December to March during the dry season.

The recommended path is Arassari Trek which leads to Pico Bolivar via Los Nevados or La Travesia. This is also the most popular route because the view is the most appealing and the acclimatization process to the environment and the height is the easiest, which increases the chances of getting to the top.

This adventure is recommended only for experienced climbers and is not for those who have weak heart or similar conditions. The award for climbing the top is enjoying the presence of diverse flora and truly unique and beautiful fauna.


  • Pico Bolivar - 4,978 metres (16,332 feet)
  • Pico Humboldt - 4,940 metres (16,207 feet)
  • Pico Bonpland - 4,883 metres (16,020 feet)
  • Pico Espejo - 4,756 metres (15,603 feet)
  • Pico El Toro - 4,744 metres (15,564 feet)




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