Sitting between the Appalachian and the Rockies area, Arkansas holds one of the biggest mountain ranges – the Ozarks. It is not surprising that Arkansas is called Natural state with its wilderness, mountains and, of course, the Mississippi river. It has a lot of great peaks with the highest mountain being Mount Magazine with 839 m (2,753 ft).

The Ouachita Mountains are in the western part of Arkansas and their highest peak is Mount Magazine. Lying in the Ozark National Forest, in the Arkansas River Valley, Mount Magazine guaranties breathtaking views, which are a dream for adventurists and photographers. Being a flat-topped plateau it has a scenic drive route to the top 16km (10miles) from Havana, Arkansas. This area has two peaks: Signal Hill and Mossback Ridge. If you want to experience a more extreme side of the Mount Magazine, check out hang-gliders launching or rock-climbing routes. Pinnacle Mountain is in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains with an elevation of 308m (1,011 ft), it rises 228m (750 ft) above the Arkansas River.

The Poteau Mountain also lies in the Ouachita National Park and has exceptional waterfalls. Poteau Mountain has roads to the waterfalls but they are pretty bad and are hard to find, but there is several stops where you can enjoy the view. Spreading in Arkansas, Black Fork Mountain has amazing sites of wilderness but hiking is not advised. Although, Black Fork Mountain has several trails through it, they are very difficult, with a very few springs alongside, so you can’t get fresh water - but you could encounter a black bear.


  • Magazine Mountain - 838 m (2749 ft)

  • Signal Hill - 838 m (2749 ft)

  • Mossback Ridge - 827 m (2713 ft)

  • Poteau Mountain - 812 m (2664 ft)

  • Black Fork Mountain - 811 m (2660 ft)



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