South Dakota is abundant in wildlife, mountainsand views. The highest summit is Black Elk Peak in mountain range of Black Hills. With its 2,204 M (7230 ft) in elevation, previously called Harney Hill, the top is a paradise for hikers with different levels of experience.

Black Elk Hill is located in an isolated mountainous region Black Hills and represents the highest summit in the continental United States, east of the Rocky Mountains. In December 2016, the land surveyor Jerry Penry calculated the elevation of the highest peak, for which was earlier believed that is 2.207 M.

Another thing that has changed when it comes to this popular hike attraction is its name. It is now named after Native American Lakota medicine man Nicholas Black Elk, instead of army officer whose troops fought against Indians during expansion in the West.

With the prominence of 891 M (2923 ft) and rich wildlife, at Black Elk Hill hikers can find many well-maintained climbing routes. There are two approaches to the top. More popular southern approach and challenging northern approach convenient for experienced walkers.

There is no guided rock climbing allowed in the area of Black Elk Wilderness.

Rock climbing is recommended for those who are either already very familiar with the area, or those with the great expertise.

Regardless of the choice and experience, the real reward for all hikers is the view from the top of the Black Elk Peak, which includes four states- South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana.


  • Harney Peak - 2,204 m (7230 ft)
  • Odaköt Mountain - 2,196 m (7204 ft)
  • Green Mountain - 2,186 m (7171 ft)
  • Bear Mountain  - 2,185 m (7168 ft)
  • Crooks Tower - 2,173 m (7129 ft)


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