Sungod Custom Renegades gear review

SunGod sent me a pair of their Custom Renegades to try out and after a couple months of messing about I am ready to review! I am going snowboarding soon so I might add a few words after that but for now…

I have been wearing Oakley sunglasses and goggles for ages. I suppose I was originally sucked into their marketing at a young age when TV had just started to to show “extreme sports” and I wanted to identify as one of those cool people who did that stuff! Anyway, many pairs of sunglasses later and it is fair to let someone else have a go.

Here's what the manufacturer says about the Renegades

"Our advanced 4KO lenses have been precisely engineered from a 2mm Polycarbonate Core and feature 6 refined lens tints that offer enhanced contrast and optimised clarity, wherever you take them.

Built from our Adventureproof Frame Material, SunGod Renegades offer the ultimate in durability and protection. Our trademark material allows frames to be flexed without snapping or showing signs of stress, returning to their original shape and dramatically reducing the risk of breakage."

A Review of the SunGod Custom Renegades™

COST: 45 - 65 GBP (approx. 60 - 80 USD)


  • SunGod 4KO lenses available in 6 tints

  • 100% UV protection

  • Anti-reflective inner lense coating

  • Triple-layer scratch resistance

  • Available as Polarised and non-Polarised

  • Adventureproof flexible frame

  • Lightweight for long-wearing comfort

  • Secure steel pin hinges

  • Lifetime frame guarantee


As usual I try to use things in a few different scenarios to understand what might be good or bad about the particular piece of kit. In this case I have been out walking locally, hiking in the Chilterns, a quick jaunt in the Lake District and a paddle on the river. I have stuffed these sunglasses in my rucksack for a couple of over-nighters as well as wearing them extensively on top of my head, which is something I often do and something which stresses glasses. I have also worn them regularly whilst driving over the last couple of months (it’s a Land Rover so even the school run counts as “adventure”).

I got the Custom Renegades which offer you the possibility to select the frame, lenses and finish of your choice (incl. Polarised). I went for the blue Polarised lens simply because it seems to covers a wide selection of conditions from bright glare to lower light.

I have always been sensitive to light (and I’m Italian) so I am never far from a pair of sunglasses. I am happy to say I find these lenses particularly relaxing when worn over longer period of time in bright light.

The Renegades have metal screws on the hinges and I think this is why they remain a good snug fit despite sitting on my head for hours at a time. This is a major plus point for me. I don’t know if it is because I have a big ol’ head but my last pair of Oakley Frogskins have become too loose from being placed on top of my bonce!

I have not been excessively careful with these new sunglasses simply because I felt it was only fair as they are being tested over a period which (I hope) is much shorter than their lifetime. With this in mind I have shoved them in pockets and slept on them, I have crunched them in the top of my rucksack and lobbed it around as I would normally.

So far so good. Does this mean they are completely Adventureproof™?

Well, I have used them on the water and they fought the glare very well, but as yet I have not tested them on snow, so I will probably add a few lines to this review in the near future to confirm this.


I am pretty pleased with these. I think the look is great, or at least the Renegades suit me (my wife’s words, so it must be true).

I would say this model is more suited to the more gentle of outdoor activities - you wouldn't hare down a mountain on your board or skis in these but I guess the most important element is the lens and I am really truly happy with the blue reflective Polarised version. I would highly recommend that.

The frame material itself is impressively flexible but the main question mark which remains, and only time will tell, is the durability in the face of human carelessness. As I mentioned they have remained snug because of the screws in the hinges but the obvious potential downside of this is the extra rigidity which may mean they are less forgiving when I actually sit on them. The plus side is SunGod will send you new frames for your old lenses, which should pop out in such a scenario.

Overall it’s a definite thumbs up from me.



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