What is a 3 season tent

As with other elements of outdoor gear tents are divided into season categories, so what is meant by a 3 season tent?

A 3 season tent is one of the more common types to be used as it is designed to cover Spring, Summer and Autumn; the times of year when the vast majority of us are happy to spend time in the wilderness, sleeping under metaphorical canvas - thankfully materials have moved on slightly to provide lighter options!

Below are some examples of popular 3 season tents, click here to jump straight there.

The other tent you are likely to come across is a 4 season model, which despite its name is really mostly use din winter. Yes, of course it will do a job in other seasons but it is designed for the more dedicated adventurers willing to go out in the harshest conditions.

What are the key differences?

A 3 season tent is likely to have more ventilation, the inner, or tent body, having more mesh than would be found on a 4 season tent. 

The poles maybe thinner and the tent body is likely to hook onto them.  Furthermore the outer (rainfly or fly sheet) will not be fastened to the poles via sleeves (which would require the poles sliding into the rainfly for maximum stability).

This is an area where a 4 season would differ. The extra stability required for a 4 season tent means they are more likely to have this sleeve design for the poles and the rainfly would also potentially extend further. A 4 season tent is likely to have more guy points for attaching ropes as well as thicker and possibly more numerous poles.

Which tent do I need?

Now, of course, in reality there will be tents that are somewhere in between. Some ultra lightweight models offer the possibility to use hiking poles as well to stretch out the rainfly, further eliminating the need for the weight of tent poles. 

As you can see from this brief description a 3 season tent is not designed to withstand snow, extreme cold and regular high winds. Its more down to weather conditions than actual seasons. You could easily use a 3 season tent year round if the conditions dictate it is suitable.

3 Season Tents 

Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent

Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO]

FEATURES of the Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent Zone pre-bend construction creates vertical walls More roomy sleeping area and greater head room One D shaped door One vestibule Lamp shade pocket securely holds your headlamp to provide ambient light Footprint included Strategic clip Placement provides larger interior volume Seam taped full coverage fly with vents Seam taped catenary cut floor Color coded in.easy pitch in. clips - poles and fly Interior pockets for small gear organization.

Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent

Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO]

FEATURES of the Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent One D Shaped Door - One Vestibule Seam taped Full Coverage Fly with Vents Color Coded ?easy Pitch? Clips and Poles Free-Standing Design Seam taped Catenary Cut Floor Interior Pockets for Small Gear organization Pole Sleeve-Clip Combo Light-Reflective Points Jingle-Free Nylon Zipper Pulls DAC DA17 Poles Optional Footprint Available

Sierra Designs Lightning 2 FL Tent

Sierra Designs Lightning 2 FL Tent [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO]

FEATURES of the Sierra Designs Lightning 2 FL Tent Feather light Design Large single drop door 15 in. Integrated awning poles Double hub creates single pole set up Foot hoop Hybrid double/single wall Massive covered foot vent Gear closet

The North Face Tadpole 2 Tent

The North Face Tadpole 2 Tent [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO]

FEATURES of The North Face Tadpole 2 Tent Dry entry Maximized interior space High-low ventilation Hubbed poles and color-coded webbing make for quick - easy setup Handy loop for hanging headlamps and accessories DAC stakes Fully seam-taped canopy and floor

Tentsile Vista 3 Person Tent

Tentsile Vista 3 Person Tent [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO]

FEATURES of the Tentsile Vista 3 Person Tent Removable top lets you soak in everything nature has to offer Can be suspended between three trees or any other large anchors Can be stacked with other Tentsile tents to maximize space and create a super camp Set up time is approximately 15 minutes Tear resistant insect mesh protects against even the smallest sand flies



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